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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft- Pilgrim and Indian

Felt- Black, Brown, White, Tan 1 square each

Tacky Glue

Hot Glue

Mini ceramic flower pot

Black Craft Paint

Fabric paint – black, green, yellow, red

1 toilet paper tube for each Pilgrim/Indian

Paint flower pot black and let dry.

Cut pieces of felt- tan to cover 1/3 Pilgrim for face, brown to cover 1/3 Indian. Black to cover 2/3 Pigrim, Tan to cover 2/3 Indian. Glue face sections on tubes, then glue body covering meeting at seams. Cut white piece for Pilgims collar and glue on. Cut fringe for Indian and glue on. Use fabric paint to add beads and face for Indian and face for Pilgrim. Let dry thoroughly, 3 hrs or more. Then hot glue Hat on Pilgrim

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