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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crafty Corner

Just for fun, every one in awhile I will be posting some of my crafting projects. Here's the first-  Updated antique table for the seasons. Here's how...

I had a really ugly OLD table (it's important that it has a "lip", so you can set a piece of plywood inside it. I "aged" the table by painting it black first, let dry, sanded in spots , not too heavily. Then painted it a dark red, let dry. Final coat was burnt orange and I let it dry mostly and wiped some of it off, I wanted the effect to be one of a well-worn and painted table. Next I (my husband, actually!) cut a piece of plywood to fit inside the lip, I believe it was 1/8" plywood, not too heavy. THEN, the fun part! I used some old pictures, sayings and pictures from magazines that appealed to me. I did one for each of 3 seasons (I got 2 seasons from each piece of plywood, you can flip them for each season. I mod podged the pictures and sayings, it was so easy and fun!  As a bonus my table had a shelf, which is handy right inside the door, but even if your table doesnt have a shelf, give it a try. I made this several yrs ago and am bored with the color, I may paint it soon, but having trouble deciding on another color. Im leaning toward red, sage green or grey. Oh, and dont ever place a drink without a coaster on it! I didnt shellac mine but you can easily spray it with sealer or a clear coat. Mine has lasted without it so far.                                                      ~~~~~~~Summer Table~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~Autumn Table~~~~~~~

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