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Monday, May 10, 2010

Musings on Vegetable Roasting

You may have seen my recipe of Roasted Cauliflower- Can I tell you how good broccoli is done the same way? In my house, we eat it like candy. We fight over the last piece! I've tried roasting it with scallions, garlic and shallots, the best way, in my opinion, is scallions. The roasting really brings out a sweet nuttiness. Roast them until they are slightly charred or if you like, "caramelized".  If you like, add some carrots. 

I made the broccoli on Sunday with some zucchini (watch them, they don't take nearly as long as the broccoli or cauliflower though). I also roasted red peppers separately- place whole red peppers on foil lined sheet pan in oven- 400 degrees, turn until black on all sides. Let cool, about 3/4 hr or so and you can just peel the skins off and discard seeds. Keeps in refrigerator for up to 5 days. Add olive oil and garlic, if you like, salt and pepper, some balsamic vinegar, whatever you like. 

Also good to know, I tossed the leftover peppers and zucchini on my salad I bring for lunch, delicious with a little vinaigrette!

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