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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn and me

Autumn and me have a wonderful relationship. I come alive in autumn. Pumpkin everything, I try to add a few new recipes to my favorites every year. So, I came across a new one, pumpkin cupcakes! I will try it soon and post the recipe. It came from an amazing blog called honey and jam, how cute is that?!

So I started reading her blog and thought it was way more interesting than mine, and she's only 20!~ Good for her, maybe you'll find some new recipes in her blog, too. I love sharing.

Back to, crisp days, a fire in the fireplace, gorgeous colors, sweaters, and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I think there is nothing so soothing as a big mug of tea after work, relaxing with my daughter and slipping into cozy slippers. Does it get any better than that? Our dog, Brownie, seems to like fall best, too. He looks especially perky, and at 11, that's a good thing. He loves to go on walks and search for his versions of treasures.

Stews, soups, chili and breads, this is the stuff that feasts are made of. I will try to keep up with my recipes while I savor the season!

Every year we take a fall trip to the mountains in PA and spend the whole day in the country. We eat, shop, hike, or antique, sometimes a little bit of all. One year a hot air balloon race passed directly over us as we were gathered outside listening to a Peruvian group playing songs. We had just gotten our coffee at the coffee shop. That had to be one of our best days ever.  The smell of the coffee, fires going, just fallen leaves and the cool breeze and bright sunshine...heavenly

Hope you all enjoy the season, too!

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